Thank You

“Utan att vi varit riktigt medvetna om det har vår låt Life 101 passerat 154,000 lyssningar på Soundcloud. Stort tack till alla er som lyssnat, gillat och kanske delat den. Det är så roligt när musiken sprids. Fortsätt gärna att dela det ni gillar!”

“Without us being really aware of it, our song Life 101 has passed 154.000 listens on Soundcloud. Many thanks to all of you who listened, liked and maybe shared it. It’s so fun when the music is spread. Please continue to share what you like!”

Yours, Sonoride

Vagabond Avenue

New Music Video

Thanks to Per Byman on flugelhorn and to Martin Thurfjell for filming

“Sounds great! Like Beatles with Bowie vocals!”

Billy Sheehan

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